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It's a beautiful summer day on a pier in Burlington, Ontario. Off in the distance you can see Toronto while John & Sheila Ludgate take us on a musical trip where the only luggage is a guitar, harmonica, bass and a story wrapped in a song. What a long, strange trip it's been for these two with all the stops in all the pubs, clubs and coffee houses along the way. The pair played a number of songs. The first was Payback Road, a song about paying your dues and making amends. Colours addressed the ups and downs of long term love and something called Season Of Song came from the sometimes surprising realizations that can arise out of vulnerability. The duo closed with a call for mental disarmament, I'm Not Worried - a naive or brave thought depending on what side of which fence you might be sitting on. They're trying to break out of a brutal New World Order (aren't we all?) as they say in one of their songs - trying to shine a light where it's never been.- AUX New Music

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