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"What The Camera Couldn't See" Review In Roots Music Canada

What’s that they say? The family that plays together stays together? Well good on you, John and Sheila Ludgate for keeping your musical offspring in the family band. John and Sheila are past winners of the Folk Music Ontario Songs from the Heart Award. Luke, Anthony and Shane Ludgate have been seen on Aux TV and MuchLoud with their band Beautiful Nothing, but when they’re all together, John and Sheila’s folk leanings dominate the sound. The strongest evidence of the younger Ludgates’ indie-rock leanings is found in the tasteful electric guitar solos, which reminded the moose a little of later Pink Floyd – lots of feeling without all the, uh, “wanking.” The slower songs are really the stand-outs here. “Whisper to a Sigh” features piano front and centre with beautiful, sweet violin parts. And then there’s this focus track, “Sad and Beautiful.” Have a listen!

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