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Ludgate: "Music Is In Their Veins" (CD Review In The Littlest Voice Magazine)

What do you get when you combine two parts roots with three parts alternative?

A transcendent sound that fills the heart with an indescribable warmth, a sound that only Ludgate could create. And it is this distinct sound that is the hallmark of the band’s third album What the Camera Couldn’t See, which was released last May.

Ludgate features John and Shelia Ludgate with their three sons Luke, Anthony and Shane Ludgate (Beautiful Nothing) who all come together to form the five part band. John Ludgate has won numerous awards for his songwriting, and he and Shelia tour around Southern Ontario, Montreal, and the US playing many live shows. With their band Beautiful Nothing, Luke, Anthony, and Shane have been gaining significant college radio airplay and even shared the stage with The Trews, Monster Truck, The Arkells, and Finger Eleven.

Engineered and produced by Anthony, many of the tracks on What the Camera Couldn’t See feature a soothing blend of guitars, soft percussions, lulling vocals, and the accompaniment of expertly played piano, mandolin, or violin on some of the tracks. Ultimately, the album is a dialogue between the two music styles, bonding together a wide variety of influences.

“Sad & Beautiful” is perhaps one of the best examples of this blend. Not only does it start with a lovely piano solo by special guest Kelly DelFiacco, the down-to-earth folk guides the melody. That is until the electric guitar breaks the steady lull with a moving solo that is as unsettling as it is arresting. This part grabs at the heart and drives home the theme of the song.

“I Walk On” features some of the best harmonies and chord progressions that music has to offer, and Ludgate masters them. It’s a track that needs to be heard to be understood, it needs to be felt, the resonance of the guitars need to vibrate in your chest to fully understand the gravity of the song.

What the Camera Couldn’t See is an album you don’t want to miss. Each track offers something different, some little tidbit that will reward even the most discerning listener.

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